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The Topic for Journaltopia has been released. Topic:"The Era of Cyborgs:The future of technological intervention in human anatomy leading to formation of biologically mechanised hybrids."
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Athletic Arithmetic
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Flick Vignette

Number of Participant(s): 1 participant each for doodling & 3D sketching

Time Alloted: 1 hour 30 minutes

The topic shall be given to all the participants on the spot. 

Both the events mentioned below will take place simultaneously

For 3D Sketching- 
  • The participant is allowed to use sketching pencils, charcoal sticks, black markers etc. in order to portray a 3D object. 
  • Use of any other material shall lead to disqualification. 
  • An A3 sheet will be provided for the same.
For Doodling-
  • The participant is allowed to use markers, sketch-pens and pens of any two colors.
  • An A4 sheet will be provided for the same.
Event Moderators
Aakriti Agarwal- +91
Kirti Gupta- +91