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The topic of codex has been released. Topic:"Shopping app with atleast 10 products."
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The Topic for Journaltopia has been released. Topic:"The Era of Cyborgs:The future of technological intervention in human anatomy leading to formation of biologically mechanised hybrids."
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CF Halloween
The topic for CF Halloween will be allotted via mail to each school by 9th October, 2018.
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Athletic Arithmetic
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CF Halloween
Number of Participant(s): 8 max 
Time Allotted : 2 Hours
  • All teams will be allotted a specific theme/character as soon as the registration form is received via an e-mail.
  • Each team has to create a haunted arena depicting the character/theme allotted to them,the judging of the arena will also be on the basis of synergy the teams and the arena make with the JCC and other attendees. 
  • The teams will be provided with an empty space of 8ft. by 6ft. to create the stall. At the back of the space, a frame of 8ft by 8ft will be provided to serve as a wall. The JCC(may) provide you with an option of a black shade over the stall that might help in creating darkness in your respective space. 
  • The teams are advised to prepare props/other requisites for the stall beforehand and simply assemble and decorate the space within the time allotted. No extra time shall be allotted for the stall preparation. 
  • The teams may use lighting(to be brought by them),to give an added haunted effect to their arena.The electric input is to be provided by the Jaipuria Computer Club.The teams are advised to carry an extension board to help them facilitate an electric connection from the central electric input. 
  • Jack o'lanterns associated with the theme of Halloween may be used by the teams for exclusivity,it could fetch them brownie points,on the discretion of the judges. 
  • During the hours of setup, each team shall have to perform a parody (humorous/haunted) on the topic/personality on the centre stage. The maximum number of members allowed for the parody is 4 and the time limit is 90 seconds. Props/costumes can be used for the same. 
  • The teams are advised to prepare the parody beforehand and only present it during the event. No request for change of sequence of parodies shall be entertained. 
  • Participants have to bring their own equipment and materials for decorating the stall. 
  • The booths will be assessed on the basis of creativity,adherence to the theme and neatness. 
  • Note: The teams have to give an approval for participating in the folllowing event by either notifying the JCC for reserving a stall atleast 15 days before the event or by writing 'yes' on the checkbox given in the invite.
Event Moderators
Shlok Bhartiya- +91
Rishabh Jain- +91
Mohak Bhatia- +91
Palak Bhatia- +91
Rajpriya Rohatgi- +91
Namrata Pareek- +91